Chapel Renovation Case Study

Chapel Renovation

We were approached by the Alumni of the college with reference to renovating the Chapel, in our particular instance, the flooring. We surveyed the floor and noted that there were many varieties on timber species, in varying forms of patterns and styles.

Also noted was a slump in the subfloor where it had sunk by over 50mm around one of the columns. This needed to be rectified before any renovation to the flooring took place.

We lifted an area of wood blocks and put to one side, ready for re-use at a later stage. We then removed any loose subfloor, in preparation to level it off with a new screed. We supplied and laid a quick drying screed to bring the sunken subfloor up to the desired height. That was left to dry overnight and then we returned to re-lay the salvaged block flooring.

Once all the repair work was completed, we were free to start with the renovation works. We sanded the flooring to a fine finish and applied a base prime and three coats of ultra matt floor seal, filling any gaps as necessary.

We often lay and renovate marquetry flooring, which by its nature has a variety of timber species but these varieties would be intentional. We do not believe it to be the case with this floor. It would seem to have been added to over the years and in each addition, a different species of timber was used and in most cases, to a new design/style as well.

This project was genuinely a “one-off” for us! Over the years, we have renovated thousands of square meters of timber flooring but never have we come across a floor with so many varieties of timber, in as many different designs, as the floor in this Chapel, truly a unique experience.