Softwood is quite an unusual flooring option these days, although we do offer some fantastic standard strip options with lovely colour palettes. Softwood was the normal choice of “subfloor”, where it can be found in many an old building, where it was normally covered by carpet. These days it is being exposed and renovated so that the true original natural surface can be seen once again.

Softwood can be very easily stained to accommodate any colour scheme and if maintained throughout its use, will last a lifetime.

Many softwoods can be made into any of our flooring designs including strip, designer panels and parquet options.

Should your softwood flooring become worn or if you just fancy a colour change, no problem, we can re-finish it for you and you have a whole “new floor” in no time.

Our range of Softwood flooring is vast and can accommodate the most demanding of design specifications. Our range of colour and surface finishes is limitless.