Traditional “straight cut” wood flooring is normally referred to as Boards and Planks or as we say in the trade; Strip.

Whichever name you refer to this type of flooring as, it is all the same, straight cut!

These days, a normal strip floor measures about 180mm in width. This would be considered an acceptable width floor for many uses.

However, we have found that our more discerning clients were looking for extra wide and extra long boards, which tend to look fantastic in larger areas. We can offer up to 600mm wide and over 15 meters in length. These sizes are the biggest available anywhere in the world and look truly stunning once installed.

Please bear in mind that as a general rule, the wider and longer the boards, the more expensive the floor is!

Our “standard” wood strip flooring is something to be rivalled and envied by our contemporaries. Our range is vast and can accommodate the most demanding of design specifications. Our range of colour and surface finishes is limitless.